Network Monitoring isnít only for BIG ORGANIZATIONS anymore!

Just as the Big companyís network must stay online to survive, so does your small company. One major outage and you can be out of business.

You can prevent major network disasters by having your network system monitored 24 hours a day; 7 days a week; 365 days per year; at a price lower than what you may think.

For as little as $159 per month, WALA Consulting will monitor the application most critical to your business; or, monitor the server that must stay online 24 hours a day; or, the network connection to your remote offices.

You can customize your monitored network services. Have your Internet connection monitored; your routers, network devices, firewalls; whatever service that requires monitoring, WALA Consulting will watch over your network even while youíre home sleep or on a vacation.

No matter what size your business, we will help keep your system online and running to the best of its ability.


-  No costly IT technician to visit your site

-  Customized monitoring strategy to fit YOUR organization

-  Proactive problem recognition and recommendations

-  Preventative maintenance


Easy to read reports and problem analysis

-   Troubleshooting of any network issue should any occur

-   Real time alerting system (contact 24/7/365)

-   Optimization of existing network infrastructure


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Have your network monitored free for 30 days to try our monitoring service.

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