By purchasing a Service Agreement with WALA Consulting, some benefits you will receive are: 

        ·        Discounted rates
·        Lower billing minimums
Faster, prioritized response time
Scheduling priority
Insurance policy
“Ownership” of WALA Consulting as your company’s   technology engineer
Access to network of specialty experts contractors
Peace of mind


Discounted rates – Contracted clients of WALA Consulting will benefit from a 15% discount of regular hourly rate.
  Dependability – Your company can depend on WALA Consulting to provide top notch IT support as well as keep your company’s network always up and running.
Lower billing minimums – WALA Consulting has a 3 hour minimum for all service calls by non-contract clients. Contracted clients have the benefit not having minimum billing for un-scheduled service calls.
  Insurance policy – Your company’s computers/network system can go down at anytime. Every company should have a recovery plan or an “Insurance policy” (if you will). With a service contract agreement, WALA Consulting will plan, test and assure your recovery strategy.
Faster, prioritized response time – Contracted clients of WALA Consulting are guaranteed 4 hour response time for any emergency service call. 



  Ownership of WC – Most of our clients are small to mid-sized businesses that can’t afford to hire a full-time computer engineer as an employee. Contracted clients of WALA Consulting enjoy the benefit of having the same engineer visit them several times a month, which familiarizes our engineer to your environment and most important, familiarize you to our engineer. This also allows you, the client to direct the engineer to areas that are most important to you.
Scheduling priority – Contracted clients of WALA Consulting will have their service always scheduled ahead of non-contracted clients.


  Access to network of specialty expert contractors – Most of our clients have specialty applications, hardware and projects that require specific knowledge and know how. WALA Consulting will provide any specially trained engineer required for a client’s environment.
Stability – When WALA Consulting services your company on a monthly basis; we will provide hardware and software standards which make your environment easy to manage.


  Peace of Mind – Contracted clients of WALA Consulting have the peace of mind of knowing that they no longer have to worry everyday of constant computer problems preventing employees from working, network going down without having a backup plan and most importantly, having an IT vendor/staff that is familiar enough with your environment to resolve any issue without little input from you or your staff. You will be aware of most computer issues ahead of time before computer downtime occurs.

Contact our office right now and find out all the services you will receive when you sign up for a service agreement contract. Start saving money on your IT services and at the same time protect your IT investments.  

Contact our support staff today by calling 800-677-0367, or you can reach us via email at service@walaconsulting.com or sales@walaconsulting.com.

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