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Wala Consulting Inc: Client Survey
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Company Name   Address
City   State
Zip/Postal Code   Country
Telephone   Email
How many Employees:
  What is your predominant Pc Brand?
How many locations:
  What is your most important software?
How many servers:
  What version of MS Office are you running?
How many workstations:
  Do You Use Novell/Netware?
How many laptops:
  Do you use Linux/Unix?
Do you use Mac?

  Do you have a mini or mainframe system?


When were most of your IT assets originally installed



Who did that work?


Is that person or company still actively maintaining your network/computer system?



What kind of system maintenance is being done? How often?



Do you have a log showing system maintenance activities and routine support requests?



Can we review a copy of that log to get a feel for support history?


How many different people or vendors have been supporting your system since it’s original installation?


  What’s the single biggest computer problem that you’re having right now? 

How is this problem affecting your business?

  Do you have a list of what needs to be done?


How are you currently dealing with these problems?



What do you think the solution may be to these problems?



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