From Firewalls to Smart cards; Intrusion detection to Computer Forensics; Content Filtering to AntiVirus solutions – WALA Consulting is the best in the business of network security.

WALA Consulting has expert engineers in the field of IT security. Our engineers are not “Jack of all trade” engineers that claim to resolve every computer problem under the sun. WALA Consulting specializes in IT security – That’s what make us experts in IT security
  Most companies and organizations don’t have a clue of just how vulnerable they are to computer attackers. Companies in past years have reported their network being breeched for several weeks before anyone even noticed an issue!

WALA Consulting will assist you in properly preparing your company or organization for computer attacks and network disasters. We will asses your network architecture – Identify all threats, weaknesses and vulnerabilities your network has – Take action by providing a “Best Practices” solution for securing your network and workstations – Monitor your network for computer attacks either locally or remotely – Periodically perform penetration tests against your current security solution and provide accurate reports of the performance of your security solution.
  A McLadrey & Pullen survey reports that 72% of American based businesses are not prepared for a network disaster. ……..72%!!!!

 Is your company part of that Group?If you’re still unsure of weather your company requires IT security, or if you should have IT security professionals monitor your current security solution, contact WALA Consulting today! Also find out how you can save over $400 dollars on a full network Risk Assessment of your network architecture. In other words, you’ll receive a full audit report of any weak-points in your network, possible threats to your system and any viruses or worms that may reside in your network. Along with this audit report, you will have a better understanding of computer attacks and threats your organization faces each day.


So don't wait until its to late! The internet bad guys are out there!

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