Most companies have no idea of all the capabilities of their network equipment. Most importantly, companies donít have an idea of what weaknesses or vulnerabilities their network may have or the Internet dangers their company is exposed too.

A Network Assessment is basically a detailed status report or a health audit of a companies entire network system.

Would a doctor send someone for major surgery without first getting pre-operative testing (EKG, chest x-ray, blood workup, etc.)?

Itís very important for both yourself and WALA Consulting to understand what it is that you already have, as well as how well the different systems have been installed and maintained over time.

Ignoring this need to assess or audit your system could cause major problems Ė such as emergency downtime and catastrophic data loss. Any competent IT professional will insist on the same level of due diligence.

Any repairs youíve requested, if only going on your instructions literally, could end up causing a lot more harm than good Ė if we donít first take time to figure out whatís REALLY wrong.

A big part of the IT audit is diagnosing whatís right and whatís wrong Ė so we can pinpoint the underlying cause of what appears to be the trouble.




Without a Network Assessment or IT audit, thereís a good chance you will end up wasting a lot of time and money and still not have a good network or security solution.

The benefits of having a Network Assessment are the following:

-         Increase system reliability and performance

-         Patch up internal and external security holes

-         Get a better return on their overall IT investments (lower  payroll costs, greater sales with no additional headcount, faster end-of-month closing cycle, etc.)



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