If your organization's network is connected to the Internet through a local Internet Service Provider (ISP), you are actually connecting your network to one of their networks, which is connected to another network and so on. Connecting your network to a Network of networks or as we prefer to call it, the Internet, makes your network potentially accessible to everyone on the Internet.

Would you leave the front door of your home wide open for just anyone to walk right in?

With all of these different network connections, how safe is your network from Hackers and Viruses?

You want the advantages of Internet access but you also want to limit your exposure to Intruders - right? A great starting point is a Firewall!

A firewall is a component or a group of components that collectively form a barrier between two networks. A firewall allows only selected computers or a router access to the outside world.

The firewall stands guard over your network, rejecting all incoming traffic not directed to itself, and selectively forwarding communications such as mail between the inside and outside networks.

  If your not sure if your organization has a firewall or your not sure about your network security, chances are your network security isn't properly configured.

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