Viruses are manmade programs or pieces of code that cause unexpected, usually negative events to PCs and network systems such as deleting or corrupting important documents, to crashing your network servers.

Does your Organization currently monitor every email sent or received on your Network?

We Can!

Most people think that viruses are only external threats when in fact, disgruntled employees
have a long history of planting viruses in networks, using back-doors to enter systems at organizations where they are no longer employed, or encoding logic bombs in software set to go
off if the employee is no longer around to reset the clock.

So ask yourself:
How can a few workstations with out-dated Anti-Virus software detect the latest viruses?

Think of all the workstations on your Network.

Does every workstation on your network have Anti-Virus software?

Does each of your workstations download the latest Virus updates regularly?

Is your network safe from Virus attacks?

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