So……You already have a Firewall installed on you network.


                       So What!

Many firewalls today are sold as a single component or single box that plugs into your network and then it suppose to make you feel secure. Well, anytime you have only 1 component for protection against the external network and your internal network, an attacker has only that 1 device to break thru or “fool” in order to gain complete access to your network.

A firewall is the equivalent to the lock on the front door of your home. If an intruder can sneak around the front door and find an unlocked window or entrance, the intruder has total access to your home.

If your network has dial-up access, remote access capabilities, or even modems these are access points to your network or an easy means for an intruder or attacker to break into your network (home).



An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) can provide protection against intrusions and attackers at all entry points as well as provide real-time warnings indicating that your network is under attack. An IDS can also examine every packet to determine if network traffic is authorized. Also, it monitors external users as well as internal users to detect network misusage in real-time and can be stopped immediately. An IDS records details of the attack such as the origin, type, destination and time.

With the addition of an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to your current firewall, your network security immediately becomes stronger. You have the ability to protect your data as well as monitor any suspicious activity on your network.

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