Now that wireless LANís have become mainstream, organizations want to tightly integrate wireless LANís with wired LANís.

The chief concern is security, which encompasses access control and privacy.

Access Control ensures that sensitive data can be accessed only by authorized users.

Privacy ensures that transmitted data can be received and understood only by the intended audience.

With a wireless LAN, transmitted data is broadcast thru the air using radio waves. That means data can be received by any wireless LAN client in the area served by the data transmitter. Because radio waves travel through ceilings, floors, and walls, transmitted data may reach unintended recipients on different floors and even outside the building of the transmitter. Data privacy is a genuine concern with wireless LANís because there is no way to direct a wireless LAN transmission to only one recipient.


Wala Consulting can help you develop a wireless security scheme that:
  • Bases wireless LAN authentication on device-independent items such as usernames and passwords, which users possess and use regardless of the client on which they operate.
  • Uses wired equivalent privacy (WEP) keys that are generated dynamically upon user authentication, not static keys that are physically associated with a client.


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